Playin' in the band

Christian Swain

Christian Swain


lead vocals, guitar

Roots: Los Angeles, CA

Been doing this since…he was a transplant high school kid lookin’ to reinvent himself

Influences: Jagger, Bowie, Gabriel and Mercury

Rocked the 80′s LA scene with the best of ‘em and lived! Now he channels all that great vocal and stage energy with TinMan!

Bill Weir

Bill Weir


bass guitar, vocals

Roots: Philadelphia, PA

Been doing this since…high school daze back East – rock bands and touring with Blues Award Winner Mike Dugan, then West with Lara Price, Dave Hull, and Nichole Cheri along the way…

Influences: Jack Bruce, Tim Bogert, Willie’s Dixon and Weeks, Tommy Shannon, Bob Glaub, Duck Dunn. Special shout to fellow PA bass bro’ Randy McDonald (Tommy Castro Band), who shares the same mindset: ‘Havin’ some fun while gettin’ it done!’

Jack Vanbreen

Jack Vanbreen


lead guitar, vocals

Roots: San Jose, CA

Been doing this since…longer than most of you’ve been breathin’!

Has crossed musical paths with local faves like the Doobies, Tower of Power, and Sons of Champlin. GJ is one of the best bay area guitarists out there makin’ it happen with TinMan!

Vlad Malinovsky

Vlad Malinovsky

Vlad MAlinovsky

keys, vocals

Roots: Chicago, IL

Been doing this since….5 yrs old with classical piano, then on to rock and roll in Jr High!

Influences: Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Scott Joplin, Pink Floyd, Bon Scott AC/DC, Cocteau Twins, Cure, Radiohead.


drums / percussion

Roots: Pittsburg, CA

Been doing this since….banging pots and pans at age 4 to Sicilian folk songs…..

Grew up to be an area first call drummer – sharing the stage with Greg Kihn, Y&T, the Fixx, Eric Martin, and Ronnie Montrose.

Influences: John Bonham, Keith Moon, Neil Peart, Mike’s Portnoy and Mangini.